An All-inclusive System for Automating Dental Healthcare
The cutting-edge Dental Hospital Information Management System, also called DHIMS, was created to completely transform dental facilities' operations.

By optimizing productivity, improving patient care, and automating clinical and non-clinical procedures, this all-inclusive solution elevates dental healthcare. DHIMS enables a smooth transition from manual, old systems to a digital platform that maximizes overall productivity and protects patient data confidentiality and security.

Feature Highlights

Improved diagnostics
Advanced dental charting
Treatment planning
Monitoring patient progress

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Our Achievements

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Years of Industry Experience
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Departments of CMH using DentalConnect
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Dashboard Features for Physicians and Patients
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Physician Dashboard
Registration Counter
Registration Form
Registration View
Billing Receipt
Billing Screen
OPD Prescription
Referral Department List
Referral Department OPD
Patient Management

Dental OPD List
Dental Token
Document Manager
Image Capturing
Investigation Order 

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