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A Comprehensive 360 Degree Healthcare Industry Solution

/ A Comprehensive Management Solution for the healthcare industry:

Our Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) is a comprehensive software that digitizes hospital working by automating all the clinical and non-clinical processes.

This solution is secure, maximizes efficiency, reduces patient wait time and achieves better diagnostics through the automation of medical records.

It also supports smart dashboards to facilitate higher management decision making and complete system visibility. 

/ 1.

Feature Highlights

Product Highlights

/ Global Access

/ Billing

/ Cloud-Based EMR

/ Calendar Management

/ Global Visibility & Marketing

/ Alerts

/ Telemedicine

/ Patient Portal

/ Appointment Management

The Package

/ Consultant Portal

/ Patient EMR

/ Patient Portal

/ Mobile Apps

/ Data Security

/ Document Manager

/ Healthcare


Our Clinical Information Management System (CIMS) is an easy to use practice management solution that keeps patients and practitioners connected for better and smarter healthcare.

/ Healthcare


A complete nursing home management system that enables nursing homes to keep a complete record of patient information including personal information, medical history, insurance information, and contact details.

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